Senior citizens of Putland “Forewarn election violation”


Garowe (SK)-The elders and the senior citizens of Putland who had a meeting in Gorowe call upon peace and stability in the election period.They cautioned of election violence and severity action that may hinder the smooth running of tomorrow’s election.

In a statement, the peace advocates alerted the candidates of handing out bribery to induce the voters.They also directed the law makers who are the voters of president and vice president to satisfactorily represent the will of the people of Putland by voting their prefered candidate on the bases of his priorities and developing agenda

In tomorrow’s election of Putland state 21 candidates will be contesting over the presidential seat including the current president Dr Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas who is seeking re- election and 11 candidates will be contending over vice president.

The Putland law makers will be today hearing from all candidate’s transformation agenda and their manifesto and each one will have 15 minute to mark their presentation .All eyes are on Putland election tomorrow even though the central government was denied to supervise that election and be the part of general observers.

By:Abdullahi Abdi khalif
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