Said Abdullahi Deni elected as the new president of Puntland state

Said Abdullahi Deni who has been elected as the President of Puntland state of Somalia

Garowe (SK)-Said Abdullahi Dani was elected as next president of putland. He defeated Asad Abdullahi Osman with 5 vote defference in last and final lab of the election today.

The former president Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas who was accused of corruption and failure to implement his agenda of one man one vote by his critics was defeated in first round together with same other aspirant .The president elect was swearer in to deliver justice, impertiality and intergrety.

Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas the former president also congratulated and acknowledged his successor “I would like to congratulate the new president of putland for the next five years his exellency Said Abdullahi Dani and i would like to thank the electorial commission for conducting free, fair and transparent election,i would like to appeal to the people of putland to work with the new president “said by the former president of Putland after the defeat

Senator Abdirahman Farole also join the rest in congratulating the new president “Today is a memontous and eventful day its aday that a fair ,free and transparent change has being done in putland due to that i would like to thank the members of parliament who are predominantly youth for their voting.they voted the appropriate candidate who is capable of usharing putland state for the next five years” said former president of Puntland.

Relationship with the central government

The former president of putland Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas who faced an intence and terrible competition was finally defeated.Abdiweli Mohamed together with other state president of Somalia chopped of the link and the alliance they had with the central government accusing of unfair distribution of national resources but the election of Said Abdullahi Dani as putland state president seems as asign of relieve for the federal government of Somalia to reinstate and retrieve the doomed and forgotten liaison.

“Actually the state government alliance seems to be smashed because president waare has joined and merged with the central government, president Sharif Hassan has resigned,Galmudug has now splited into two they are no longer united so now the central government had a full exercise on state government”Dr Abdiwahab Abdisamad- african political analyst pointed out while giving an exclusive interview with BBC.

All in all the big question that the people of somalia are asking themselves is what kind of relationship will the new president of putland build with the central government of Somalia.

Reported by Abdullahi Abdi Kalif